The Collective Berridale

130mm Epipremnum aureum Marble Queen

  • Because of the hardiness and low maintenance this makes it a popular choice for beginner gardeners.
  • The Marble Queen grows well in bright, indirect sunlight but will also tolerate low light conditions.
  • Marble Queens are drought tolerant and don't require a lot of water. Allow the top layer of soil to dry between waterings.
The Epipremnum aureum is a species of flowering plant in the family of Araceae and is native to French Polynesia. This plant has a multitude of common names, Golden Pothos, Pothos or Marble Queen. The Marble Quen is an evergreen vine that can grow over 1mtr tall. The Marble Queen can climb by means of aerial roots which adhere to surfaces. The leaves are variegated, blotchy green and cream and are alternate, heart-shaped, entire on juvenile plants, but irregularly pinnatifid on mature plants.

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