The Collective Berridale

130mm Monstera deliciosa Fruit Salad Plant

  • Easy to care for
  • Grows quickly
  • Exotic plant
  • Great indoors and outdoors
  • Foliage has very distinct holes once matured
Exotic Indoor plant with large waxy leaves which grows cream flowers. Prefers a filtered light position in the corner of a room or on your patio. Monsteras can grow large, up to 4 metres, If yours grows too large you can plant it under an eve or in a sheltered spot in your garden where it won't get full sun or frost

The feature leaves grow attractive holes in them which are often used in floral arrangements. Mature plants bear fruit that tastes like fruit salad. They look great growing on a totem.

Pot up when plant starts to get a little pot bound, feed with some slow release fertiliser before spring, liquid feed once a month to keep looking fantastic. Keep in medium light areas. Moderate water requirements. Plant also grows once mature to the height of 4m tall.

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