The Collective Berridale

130mm Weeping Fig - Ficus benjamina Exotica

  • Hardy Indoor plant
  • Easy to look after
  • Great for offices
Ficus Benjamina evergreen weeping fig is a tree looking plant that grows to around 1 metre tall (when in a pot). They grow well in a warm position but can also tolerate quite cool temperatures, so keep them indoors if you can. They have great uses including offices and homes, they can also be made into a bonsai because of their miniature tree look.
If your Ficus gets too big or the soil dries out quickly you can pot it up. Pot it up into a pot that is slightly larger, it will suit any pot up to 20cm. Add in some slow release fertiliser to keep them growing and looking lush, to get a quicker fuller look, pot 2 together
They require low to moderate water and a liquid feed every couple of months will help keep them looking exceptional.

The Ficus suits a table setting when they are small. Due to the dark leaves dust can show on the leaves the same as all indoor plants so it is recommended to put your plants all together in the shower or garden and hose them off every now and again, this keeps them looking great!

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