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The Khancoban Kitchen Bogong Butter Chicken


Butter Chicken originated in Northern India and is similar to a Tikka Masala with its rich, creamy, tomato curry sauce. I must acknowledge it was my husband who first cooked this dish from scratch for me, it’s absolutely delicious!

It wasn’t the clincher on the marriage proposal but his culinary efforts have remained a continuous favourite dish in The Khancoban Kitchen household for many years. It has a wonderful mild flavour and perfect for anyone starting out on the spice journey.

Impress your dinner guests by cooking up a batch of butter chicken with steamed rice, yoghurt and coriander, naan bread and a crunchy papadum.

The Bogong Moth is an icon of Australian wildlife, and the name is derived from the Indigenous word ‘bugung’, describing it’s brown colouration. They are primarily distributed across southern Australia, west of the Great Dividing Range, of which the Snowy Mountains forms a rather large chunk. They migrate biannually, travelling up to almost 1000km from the lowlands of South Australia to breed, before heading back between February and April. It’s not unusual to see an infestation at many an autumn BBQ or party!

The endangered Mountain Pygmy Possum relies on the moth as an important source of food.

Bogong is also an area in North Eastern Victoria in the Federal Electorate of Indi.


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