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The Khancoban Kitchen Corryong Curried Snags


Who doesn’t love the good old curried sausages! One of my husband’s favourite all time meals and growing up on a sheep farm for me it was curried lamb neck chops.

Let it simmer away in the slow cooker on a cold day and the house will be filled with a mouthwatering, bone warming aroma to enjoy with favourites such as peas and carrots, on a bed of creamy mashed potato. Don’t forget the fresh bread rolls to mop up the sauce!

Corryong township is the backbone of the Upper Murray, and the shopping centre for all the smaller surrounding townships, including Khancoban, Cudgewa, Walwa, Tooma, Towong, Tintaldra, Colac Colac, and others.

It offers a range of accommodation options and a great central point to explore the Upper Murray. It has an awesome community bakery that sells a plethora of goodies, including the infamous Snowy Pie, also curry flavoured!

This spice mix should be a staple in the cupboard for an easy, mild curry for the whole family to enjoy.

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