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Emma Kate Co 2022 Daily Planner


Your next chapter is waiting…

The Emma Kate Co. planners are designed with every kind of day in mind – for the corporate and the creative, the free-spirited and the perfectionist, for the dreamer, the note-taker, the list-maker.

They’re intentionally missing hourly increments, and won’t force out daily goals, or tell you what to write [and where]. They’re both a blank canvas and a considered, curated space where your life can be designed by you, for you. 

Use your planner to keep track of to-dos, meetings and deadlines… of play-dates, pilates and doctors appointments… or of milestones, memories and little moments.

The Daily Planner is a perfect desk companion or precious keepsake for a significant year. Featuring a whole page per day, you’ll never run out of room with this beauty. Divide the page however you like – half, quarters, time slots – or let your wild mind run free and jot down notes and to-dos wherever suits you. 

This planner also makes a divine keepsake; use each daily page to document your day, with tickets, photos, brochures, illustrations and words. One of our favourite planner stories to date was a lovely lady who used her Daily Planner to capture her year working abroad… she filled her pages in a bullet-journal + scrapbook style to capture her life in Japan, and had the most beautiful keepsake at the end of her time there.


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