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The Khancoban Kitchen Geehi Lime Chicken


Rangoon, also known as Yangon, is the largest city in Myanmar, also known as Burma, and is home to Myanmar's most sacred Buddhist pagoda, the Shedagon Pagoda.

This cuisine is a fresh tasting tomato based curry infused with lime, with medium heat. It’s so hard to pick a favourite dish, but this one is up there with the best.

Geehi is an area on the Alpine Way between Khancoban and Tom Groggin Station. The Geehi Flats campground is where the Geehi River meets the Swampy Plains river, and is a perfect spot for a camping getaway for all types of outdoor hobbies, including fishing, hiking, biking and horseriding.

The area boasts historic huts, river crossings and magnificent views of the Snowy Mountains.

This dish is definitely another one that would be a popular choice for the camp oven as well as in your own kitchen.

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