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The Khancoban Kitchen Mitta Mitta Mango Chicken


Mango chicken is a dish common in India and consists of a spicy curry sauce made from coconut milk, chicken and mangos. Garlic & ginger provide aromatic and tasty flavours to the dish. The mangos provide a pleasant, slightly sweet counterpoint to the spicy curry sauce.

The Mitta Mitta Valley and the small town of Mitta Mitta is nestled between Mount Welcome and Mount Misery in North Eastern Victoria.

It is claimed that "Mitta Mitta" is a corruption of "Mutta Mutta" which means "thunder" in the language of Aborigines who travelled through the area. In the summer months they would come to feast on bogong moths which were abundant in the Snowy Mountains.

Mount Mitta Mitta, in Mittamatite Regional Park, is located between Corryong, Cudgewa, and Tintaldra. The summit is 1003m, and Embery’s lookout provides a spectacular view of the Main Range of the Snowy Mountains, particularly in winter when it is almost certainly covered with snow.

50g packet

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