The Collective Berridale

The Khankoban Kitchen Peri Peri


The English version is Peri Peri The Portuguese vesion is Piri Piri The Swahili version is Pili Pili

The end result is the same.
A delicious combo of pungent and savoury spices with a healthy kick of heat.

Perfect as a dry rub or marinade for steaks or chicken, or it adds another level of taste to soups or sauces.

You decide!

Pine Mountain is near Walwa in Victoria, along the banks of the Mighty Murray River, and is actually a monolith. It is said to be 1.5 times bigger than Uluru, located in Burrowa-Pine Mountain National Park.

The park boasts a large number of 4wd and walking tracks, waterfalls, picnic and camping areas and numerous lookouts. The park's remote and rugged character is a major attraction for visits and also contains Mount Burrowa which is 1300m high.

It is an area that was severely affected by the Black Summer Bushfires of 2019-2020.

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