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The Vegetable Grower's Handbook: Unearth Your Garden's Full Potential

A vegetable grower's guide to gardening more efficiently and reaping the benefits with a more bountiful harvest

Garden efficiently and grow more food - Huw Richards shows you how.

Following the success of 
Veg in One Bed and Grow Food for Free, in his third book Huw shares his tried and tested methods to help you unearth your garden's potential and get better results without putting in endless hours.

With the right information anyone can become a more productive veg grower. Walking you through simple yet effective strategies such as implementing a compost system, nurturing healthy soil, and sowing in modules, Huw shares the approach he uses in his own garden and includes tips for plenty of quick wins too. He recommends planning, good infrastructure, and having a clear vision - the essentials that are usually left out of veg-growing books. Try out new ways of tackling tasks and projects, as well as rethinking your whole approach to the growing season. Get these elements right and everything else will fall into place.

Every successful business has a strategy. Why not apply one to your veg patch?

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